Panel Lifters

Serving Sydney & NSW

Affective Rail's Panel Lifters and skilled operators are available for projects across Sydney and New South Wales.

Revolutionising rail panel replacement

Panel Lifters are a new solution for rail movement and track construction. They are diesel powered, hydrostatically driven, tracked vehicles with a unique clamp system for handling track panels.

Panel lifters are completely remote control, creating an instant exclusion zone and eliminating any handling issues. The speed of removal is critical during limited possession timescales to enable rework of the track foundation ahead of replacement of the rail and sleepers.

McCulloch Group have designed and developed the unique Rail Panel Lifter system and have been using this system successfully within the UK for 9 years. The Panel Lifter revolutionises the method of removing and placing rail panels swiftly and safely with greater efficiency in comparison to all other methods.

Maximise efficiency. Save time. Save money.

Approved for use in the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Malaysia, Panel Lifters have features which maximise project efficiency:

  • A fully loaded Panel Lifter System can turn in any direction whilst in motion
  • Variable track width allowing access and use in narrow environments such as bridges, tunnels and cuttings
  • Ideal for removing and installing panels on a single line
  • Can easily cross multiple tracks
  • Works with all types of panels
  • Compact size and manoeuvrability enables easy transportation, rapid deployment and demobilisation
  • A panel lifter system of two machines can be used to move panel lengths of up to 27 m long. More machines can be added to move longer panels

Safety and compliance

Maximising safety on site is key to any project. Loading panels onto transportation trailers clears the site as panels are removed, improving the safety of the whole process. Panels can be stacked up to four high and each trailer can carry up to 50 tonnes. It takes only 60 minutes to comfortably remove and load 225m of old panels.

The Panel Lifter is fully approved for use on the UK Rail Network by Network Rail and The London Underground Network.

  • Can be operated under live OLE when safe working system is in place
  • EMC Certified to ISO11452 (Automotive EMC)
  • In accordance to The European Derivatives
    2002/44/EC - Occupational Vibrations
  • Directive Hand - Arm vibration system is not applicable as operated by a remote control
  • The Control of Noise at Work Regulation 2005 - Noise level at operators’ ear 76dB (A), engine idle / 84dB (A) engine full at 1m radius
  • EU Stage V US, Tier 4 Final compliant engine limits emissions exposure
  • Independent operator control ensures social distancing.