Track Rail Transporters

Serving Sydney & NSW

Affective Rail's Track Rail Transporter (TRT™) fleet and dedicated team of operators and mechanics are available for projects across Sydney and New South Wales. 

TRT™ machine features and benefits

The TRT™ is a tracked machine which is powered by a Tier 4 compliant diesel engine enabling a hydraulic system to move and handle rails and track furniture.

The TRT™ removes and installs all profiles of rail and any gauge of track. A pair of TRT™ machines can be used to move lengths of rail up to 216m as well as transport, remove and install associated steel work i.e switches and crossings.

  • Reliability of 99.7% in 15 years of operation on the UK network
  • Approved to work under live OverheadLine Equipment (OLE) and Any Line Open working (ALO)
  • Removes, transposes, moves, and installs rail in a safe controlled manner
  • Ideal for use on both single line and multiple track layouts
  • Can easily cross multiple tracks, including areas with conductor rails
  • Capable of threading rail past line side equipment and masts
  • Can operate in confined spaces such as tunnels and bridges
  • Compact size and manoeuvrability allow rapid deployment and recovery
  • Can be stored line side to reduce need for demobilisation
  • Remote control operation and blue halo exclusion zone, ensures people and plant separation at all times

Dedicated team of TRT™ operators and mechanics

Affective Rail are the leading rail maintenance company in Australia that utilises McCulloch Group’s unique range of market leading machines and equipment that are innovating the rail industry worldwide. Their patented rail handling and movement equipment is streamlining rail track maintenance and construction projects across Australia – improving safety, creating efficiencies, and reducing costs.

At Affective Rail we pride ourselves on having a dedicated team of machine operators and staff that have been trained, mentored and certified by McCulloch Group’s in-house training team. Our operators undertake regular training for variety of real-world situations plus classroom sessions to reinforce the machine safety systems, maintenance and capabilities. To maintain our high standards all of our machine operators are required to undergo periodical recertification.

TRT™ Accessories

We have a wide range of complimentary TRT™accessories which reduce the number of additional tools and the TRT™ equipment required on site.

  • Recovery Engine: This engine enables completion of the task and recovery of the vehicle from track locations.
  • Plough: Clears most ballast from either side of the track, on the sleeper ends.
  • Hydraulic Tools: Versatile front-mounted connectors that power various hydraulic tools such as rail drills, impact wrenches and profile grinders.
  • TRT™ Mounted Jib: The jib attachment allows safe lifting of track furniture up to 990kgs in live OLE areas.
  • Switches & Crossings: Unique S&C handling heads can move switches and crossings safely, from access to install.
  • Rail Saw: A zero-emission, hydraulic, long arm saw designed to allow full use in a standing position, reducing fatigue and the risk of back injury.

Other accessories are available, please contact us for more information on the full range.

TRT™ compliance

The TRT™ is approved and has been used in the Sydney Trains, TFNSW, Sydney Metro Networks, ARTC and QRail:

  • Approved to operate under live overhead lines
  • Remote control operation
  • Rail is lifted underneath
  • Removal of dynamic force
  • Halo exclusion perimeter beam
  • Secure positive communication via linked headsets
  • Walking pace (speed)
  • Extensive operator training
  • Failsafe system

Emission limits at any time of operation:

  • Bosch Smoke Number of less than 0.5
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) ppm of less than 300
  • Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) ppm of less than 250

The TRT™ Engine meets the engine emissions requirements of US EPA (Environmental Protection Authority) Tier 4 final emissions regulations and EU Stage IVB Requirements.

In accordance with the control of noise at work regulations 2005, the following noise exposure levels are demonstrated in the below table:

Noise levels of TRT machines